Twitter Etiquette In Congress

As many of you may know Congress has caught hold of the twitter bug. This has led to the debate as to wether it’s appropriate to text during a Presidential State of the Union Address as Rep. Joe Barton of Texas did when he twittered the start of the Aggie’s basketball game. Well personally I think it was a bone headed move. Look, the general argument for its use by proponents like Rep. John Culbertson (coincidentally) of Texas, is that it helps to stay directly connected with their constituents regarding IMPORTANT issues.  (Note the word important). Hence, Barton’s and many other elected officials behavior was quite frankly, rude. Someone needs to let these folks know that using technology does not exempt a person from using manners and good judgement. After all isn’t that why we elect them?

I would hope that Congress would actually be interested in what the President has to say.  Especially during these turbulent times.   Unfortunatelty, too many elected official showed they have the attention spans of pre-schoolers.  Hey, maybe we should elect some real pre-schoolers.  After all, they’d be cuter!