Back to School


No this is not about the movie with Rodney Dangerfield or me going taking classes again.  This was about me going back to my alma mater, Bridgewater State College to speak to a PR class of juniors and seniors about the ever-changing world of advertising and marketing and social media.

Besides thinking “I am so happy I am not taking a test today” as I entered the classroom, I also found myself thinking “I’m so old it’s been almost 13 years since I had a class here!”

Adam Cupples at Bridgewater State College

Adam Cupples at Bridgewater State College


There I was, standing in front of 12 students telling them how I got into the field. I talked about our accounts, the magical world of sales , crazy stories behind some of our creative masterpieces and how they all should be learning and using social media not only to help brand themselves but to familiarize themselves with how companies and organizations can use it to brand and market too. We talked about how with the changing landscape of media and the down-spiral of the economy, more and more companies are allocating money to invest in social media.  I showed them some of our favorite successes. They wanted to talk about salaries. The proverbial question – How much?

I knew everyone of them probably had an FB or MySpace page but I wanted them to look beyond social networking, to really learn social media, look into Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging, article marketing, search, conversation monitoring tools etc… These students grew up with the internet and I want them to know how useful it can be for them personally and how it can help them professionally.

Walking out to my car, I was hoping at least one student reads this blog and comments and that I at least left them with something to think about…”

Thanks again to Kirsten Whitten and her class for inviting me in. I really enjoyed it! ADAM