Best Degree…Ever.

Kristin Here, just wanted to point out what I could have only wished for this in college. Much love for my alma mater Bryant University, but a Master’s Degree in social networking is awesome. According to Stan Shroeder, Birmingham City University will begin next year offering a year course in social networking discussing social networking sites as marketing and communications tools.

For 4,400 pounds or $6,239 you can get a Master’s Degree.

Although my first reaction is ummmm..jealous that is so flippin awesome, the more realistic and logical side to me is wondering why would someone pay for this?! With a little time and intellectual curiosity, anyone can be a social networking guru. Ok, so if you are on a ten year plan with graduating and you are running out of concentration options or money is not an option then this may be for you.

The moral of the story is social networking is great and the best way to learn it is getting out there and putting what little research you need to do into practice. Most of all have fun doing it, isn’t that what social media is all about my friends!