Scoops Kristin…a Narcissist?

Scoops  Here. According to a team of Swiss and Austrailian social scientists, I am an alleged egosurfer…but unlike most who will not admit it, I plead guilty, but with probable cause. Just like in this post by TIME online, I just want to know what’s out there on me. Not to see how cool I am because I can take up a whole page of organic searches, which I cannot do. If anything, it puts me in my place, because there are some other interesting people who share my name out there like Kristin the veterinarian or Kristin the photographer living in Las Vegas.

Scoops is not egosurfing for glory, just curious…leading me to see:

My High School Running Times
My College Running Times
That I am an inactive member of the Norton Chihuahua group
Social Media Profiles

So I stand by my probable cause defense, because it is hard to be a narcissist when your organic searches are no smoking gun.