Tweets in Space

It’s official. The first Tweet from space has been sent, thanks to astronaut Mike Massimino.

Twittering in space? What could top that? Probably nothing, but here’s my top five wish list:

1. Mandated twittering from prison – Do you wanna know what Phil Spector had for lunch?  How about Manson’s daily work-out routine?  Now you can know on the go with PrisonTwitter!

2. Twittering from the womb – All those doctor’s appointments will seem unnecessary when you can follow your unborn child’s development via prenatal tweets. 

3. Twittering from the grave – conversely, keeping in touch with loved ones post mortem would also be pretty awesome. And creepy?

4. Twittering in your dreams – Your dreams might not come true but they’d probably make for some super entertaining tweets. Imagine this:

“Walked into my house but then it morphed into a supermarket,”

“going out with faceless man tonight. don’t worry, he brought the newspaper this time,”

“Just hanging out with Dwight and Jim and Alec Baldwin. Grandma remembered beers, thank god!”

5. Twittering with your mind – We whittle all thoughts down to 140 characters or less. How efficient we’d be. Publish thoughts by thinking of the “update” button.

And just for fun. This is what I was thinking of when I started this post: