I went to a minute ago to see this:

Crazy Globe Homepage

Crazy Globe Homepage

The biggest article on the home page of the newspaper’s website is about Facebook Icons? BFD! Is there nothing else going on it the world today? What icon should the social networking giant use to indicate that the user has gone through a divorce?

Is this a newsworthy story or is the Globe jumping on the same bandwagon that keeps pictures of Brad Pitt and Michelle Obama on all the magazine covers and what made Perez Hilton famous?

Is it a  wonder that the NYTimes was looking to drop these guys? If you were a newspaper in the process of making some big concessions that will result in less for employees and less for its readers, would your biggest story on your online product be about cartoon pictures on Facebook? Maybe they’d be better off to write a story on how a floundering newspaper might use social media to better engage their audience. How an online  news site might salvage some integrity by not writing about online  relationship statuses.

[ In my head I am doing this SNL skit with Seth Meyers and Amy Poehher.]


I expect more from the Globe than this. I expect that they wouldn’t resort to campy attention grabbing nonsense stories to engage their readers.

Then they turn to me and ask that I sell this product to my clients.