Traditional Advertising versus Social Media Marketing

social media vs Newspapers

In todays ever progressing advertising market, social media is continuously building momentum as a factor in brand and/or product marketing, customer interaction, event promotion and countless other marketing tactics. Social media has proven to be the next big thing in the advertising world. Still, both conventional advertising and social media based efforts prove to harbor their own draw backs and limitations. Although tradition marketing tactics such as print ads or television commercials demonstrate a reliable means of “spreading the word”, they also have their limitations. For one, conventional marketing isn’t able to harness the power of the internet, and more specifically, spontaneous web browsing. Often within the social media realm, much of the “advertising” so to speak, is generated from users discovering an organizations online content through things like mutual friends. In other words, unlike things such as TV ads, which are strategically placed (limiting the amount of spontaneous discovery possible) social media tactics offer a broader array of ways to market a brand, product or idea. Even so, like any other marketing strategy social media does have some weak point. Namely, social media is not an overnight marketing strategy. It typically takes time and momentum. Unlike placing a TV ad which can attract a slew of customers instantaneously, social media is also about networking, engaging, and building – rather than just selling.

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