Technology, social media give the book club a cool new update

When I say “book club”, what do you envision? Ladies sipping tea and discussing Jane Austen books in the sitting room? Coffee houses and books with little Oprah approved symbols on it? iPhones and Facebook? Wait, what?

BBC Audiobooks America is launching a book club, but not just any book club, an Audiobook Club. Catering to the iPod generation, this twenty-first century book club aims to introduce a new generation to the audiobook and to put a new spin on summer “reading.” The audiobook club itself is virtual, and open to anyone in the United States and Canada.

The club will moderate an open discussion at the end of the month which will take place online and will be hosted on the BBCAA’s Facebook Group’s page, giving the club a web 2.0 boost. To join the discussion one just needs to join the group now and check back between June 24-28 to participate in the moderated discussion.

Launching in June, which just happens to be Audiobook Month, the club’s first “read” will be Peter Benchley’s classic, Jaws, as they hope to engage beachgoers and shark enthusiasts. The audiobook is available by CD or for digital download and can be purchased through the BBCAA’s Facebook page.