Do You Know Your Brands?


@acupples–Save Money. Live Better—What did you just say?

That’s what I asked my 6 year old when he said Save Money. Live Better after I said “We need to go the supermarket”. Quick Quiz. Do you know what company uses that slogan/tagline? Walmart

That got me thinking. With all the marketing dollars spent do you know the slogan/taglines of the major companies. Take a shot.

Match the company and slogan and let me know how you do…

Verizon Wireless
American Express
Burger King

 “15 Minutes Could Save You 15% or More on Car Insurance”

“The Ultimate Driving Machine”

 “Do More”

“I’m Lovin’ It”

“Your World. Delivered”

“Can You Hear Me Now? Good.”

“Have It Your Way”

—-How did you do?

That may have seemed simple to some, if you want to test your skills further, see if you can pass these quizzes testing your knowledge of brand’s logos  or!