How well do you know Google?


Ever since its 1998 launch, Google has become something like an online library- A really cool library, that does not smell funny, and doesn’t make you get a membership card or pay late fees. Anything you need or want, Google has. It is so easy to use and find what you are looking for, no other search engine comes even close (not even Bing – I know – I’ve been using Bing for three weeks now and I am ready to throw my computer out the window. I would love to see the number of people who have tried a search on Bing and ended up using Google. )

Any idea how many keywords you type into Google on a daily basis? Why would you – unless you have nothing better to do? My guess is that you search so often, you don’t even realize that you are a Google search term pro. Good enough to recognize the search term if you are shown only a bunch of pictures????

Let’s see just how well you know how to Google –

Once you spent few addictive hours on this game, let us know your high score.