Twitter Faux Pas–Business Style!


Scoops Here.

So your company is ready to get on Twitter…FANTASTIC! Now of course you want to do it right, so you go on looking at another company’s page for best practices. That is all well and good…unless you start to mimic what I will term–Twitter offenders! I stumbled upon a great blog post discussing some Twitter Faux Pas. Rupal Parekh did a great job highlighting some bad Twitter offenders. Whether your company is small or large you can still have an awful Twitter strategy.

One great example is when a few months ago Volvo secured an ad-placement deal with YouTube to promote the Twitter feed for its XC60 model (@VolvoXC60). But the agency that created the innovative rich-media ad for Volvo, Havas’ Euro RSCG, has an account (@Euro_RSCG) that’s never been used.

Even worse, having a company that has a working Twitter account but it is maintained half-heartedly. Case in point from Parekh: Digital shop Publicis Modem, London (@PublicisModemUK), declares in its bio that it is “one of the world’s leading digital agencies operating in 36 countries,” yet its tweets are sloppy, riddled with grammatical errors and say things such as “2 hours to work…not that fun.”

Moral of the story here is if you are a company and want to get on Twitter, then make sure to get a plan together and think things through, most of all make sure have something worth talking about!