Part-Two of Twitter Faux Pas:Scoops Top 5 local companies with Questionable Twitters


Scoops Here. To supplement the Twitter Faux Pas I mentioned yesterday. I thought I would give some of my examples of local companies in New England with some questionable Twitters themselves.

1. – with only 37 followers there is not much to see here. Although Twitter is a great tool for recruitment such as with clients such as @CareOneCareers and @HealthbridgeMGT, I would think that a retail-oriented company would have more things to Twitter about than Assistant Store Manager position. I love me some great deals at HomeGoods…let me hear it!

2. – Cricket, Cricket, Cricket…other than the 28 followers this top 100 Best of Massachusetts business has yet to say a word.

3. – This particular one hits close to home for Scoops. Before becoming the social media guru you see here, I was a Marketing Coordinator, for yes, a local cybersecurity company. Not to mention that it only has one follower, but when I went to show it some love I received the message “Sorry, the account you were headed to has been suspended due to strange activity. Mosey along now, nothing to see here.” —Ouch

4. – A storage company will only have one Tweet to their repository. Shocking.

5. & – nothing better than one inactive Twitter account but than to have two inactive Twitter accounts! With a combined total of 7 followers it looks like both are going nowhere fast.

So there it was, my top local Twitter offenders. I do want to give some props to come local Twitter stars such as @DunkinDonuts, @Reebok, @EMCsoftware, @RaytheonCompany to name a few.

Et Fin.