Did Yahoo Get The Short End of The Stick?

It’s what many are asking – and even more are asserting. Did Yahoo get the lesser end of its merger deal with Microsoft? After experiencing a 12% on Wednesday and then another 3.57% on Thursday Yahoo stock Closed at around just $14 a share. Most attribute the incline to investor’s shared perception that Yahoo was slighted in the deal and that ultimately the merge will only hurt the company, not grow it.

Even so, predictably, Microsoft’s CEO Steven A. Ballmer says that the deal is more than fair and as for the investors, “they just don’t get it”.

When Microsoft was asked so share details that would outline how exactly the deal spread out and what the benifits where on both sides, Ballmer declined.

I think Yahoo did get the crap end of the stick in this one. I mean the thing is, in order to really grapple with the benefits of this merge on yahoo’s side of the fence….wait a minute, what are the benefits?

My point exactly.

And with all this, I still don’t think Microsoft/Yahoo will be able to overtake Google.