Wanted: New Internet Homepage

Wanted: New Internet Homepage

For years my browser’s homepage has been http://www.boston.com/. Well not any more after reading this article The Boston Globe will soon begin charging for its website, publisher P. Steven Ainsley told the paper’s union bosses.

What will I do? Where will I find my news? (insert sarcasm here)

I used to get my “Breaking News” from Boston.com but for months I’ve been staying “in the know” from Twitter (and as everyone knows Twitterers know everything first. They even knew about Jeff Goldblum death before Jeff Goldblum did).

Actually maybe the Globe is onto something here. Post your comments if you are not willing to pay for this blog. Your silence will indicate your willingness to fork over your credit card number (I take all major CCs).

So I guess I’ll be looking for a new homepage soon. Any recommendations?