Shock Value of Advertising–Does it work?



Scoops Here.

Do you ever see an ad and go “wow I can’t believe they did that!”? One of the most notorious users for this approach it PETA. Not shocking though, is another ad that PETA has recieved attention for recently.

A billboard suspended over Atlantic Boulevard in Jacksonville, FL is causing more controversy.

It is part of a new campaign by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals not out to Free Willy but telling people to stop eating so much and go veg.

Something you may not know about me is that I have been vegan for a year now–don’t judge me. Although killing animals could suck, I enjoy it for healthly diet.

With that aside, I would like to see if this type of shock value advertising that usually just makes people grab their pitchforks really actually has any effect. Like so many say any press whether good or bad is positive press. However, I do not see any person whether obese or not see this billboard and decide to drop the salisbury steak on their fork and go veg.

I think this type of advertising is great for conversation, but usually just that.

What do you think socialmedialites–does shock tactics work in advertising?