Can’t Touch This!! Hammer and Social Media

If the Hammer – or MC Hammer, Stanley, whatever you call him these days – can teach us one thing: it’s not a how-to on personal finance… it’s not fashion… it’s persistence.  Persistence in marketing his brand and staying relevant. 
You may be saying, “What? That 1 or 2 hit wonder (don’t forget about 2 Legit to Quit and I can bet you have at least one song on your Ipod!), he’s washed up. Old news.”
But with just one look at his trademark pants, you think “Hammertime”. 
No one says, “What’s that guy’s name… he wore those crazy pants, danced around then went bankrupt?” No. You know him.  You start humming “Can’t touch this, oh ooooooohh oh oh” and maybe even shuffle side to side and drop your shoulders to the beat..oh, oh oh oh, next stop… Hammertime!  If you’re saying right now that you don’t like that tune, you’re lying.
He may not be on the cover of Us Weekly or on tmz daily, but you haven’t forgotten the Hammer.  He’s still around and he’s still trying.
Obviously, Hammer loves the attention, relishes the limelight, and gains personal satisfaction from his growing number of fans, thinking money or opportunities will follow.  He’s a living, tweeting brand reminder.  Hey, if half of his twitter followers, Facebook and MySpace friends watch his reality show, he’ll have another hit on his hands.  Go Hammer.