Who says social media is cheap–Get Twtapps for $500,000!


Scoops Here.

Twtapps is a true testament of the growing value of social media and the applications being developed for it. According to Read Write Web, Twtapps founder and developer Felipe Coimbra cited insufficient resources and in laymans terms he sick sick of coming up with more applications.

Currently, around 83,000 Twitter users have used at least one of the Twtapps to create polls, look for a job, organize an event, or create a Twitter-friendly digital business card–I should totally get a Scoops Kristin card! I digress, Twtpoll, is the largest Twitter poll and survey app, has recorded 1.6 million anonymous votes, says the app’s founder.

Coimbra has been working on the suite since January and values Twtapps at $500,000, based on his estimation of how much it would take for anyone to develop as many apps with as much traction, especially with the popular apps such as Twtpoll and Twtvite.

Looking forward, Coimbra plans to work on a real-time analytics tool with Twitter and Facebook integration. The app will act as a complement to Google Analytics or other non-real time analytics tools.

Do you think Twtapps is worth all that dough? Let me hear it!