Why viral social media makes me want to punch things

Stupid Poodle Tricks

Stupid Poodle Tricks

I could probably end my post right here.

Who hasn’t seen this yet. My boss emailed it to me. I saw it 9 times in one hour on Twitter. Then 2 of my friends posted it to Facebook. The next day my husband told me about it, 3 more friends posted it to Facebook.

I wanted to throw up on so many levels.

This is what viral does.

At the same time – it takes a bunch of stupid poodles to accomplish this.

Yesterday I came across a new “social media agency’s” website that promised clients they could make you and your brand go “viral.” Again, I wanted to throw up.

We all know things that have gone viral. This and this. It takes a certain something. A certain creativity at a certain time, during a particular moon. The point is, if it’s not stupid poodles at the end of August – I’m not going to promise you anything.