Facebook Makes You Smarter, So Twitter Makes You Dumber?!


Scoops Here.

I guess parsing out my time in favor of Facebook will do me well according to psychologist Dr Tracy Alloway from the University of Stirling in Scotland. Apparently using Facebook makes you smaaaat (that was connoting the Boston accent if you did not pick up on that), and using Twitter destoys a few brain cells. I can only see the PSA now–“Keep Your Brain Healty. Don’t use Twitter.”

Ok let’s not get too serious about this—Dr. Alloway has developed a working memory training program for slow-learning children aged 11 to 14 at a school in Durham, and she found out that Facebook did wonders for working memory, improving the kids’ IQ scores, while YouTube and Twitter’s steady stream of information was not healthy for working memory. Playing video games, especially those that involve planning and strategy, were also beneficial.

Not to burst your bubble and banning your kids from Twitter. Without going into the benefits of training working memory for improving your IQ results, Facebook and Twitter are hard to compare. We know Facebook is more interactive whereas Twitter is just a steady stream of information that one is often to forget over-time.

My solution is to give some love to all of the SM platforms so you are not draining yourself all on one and it keeps your mind on its toes!