Sorry Google Fans…5 Reasons to Switch to Bing!


Scoops and Devil’s Advocate Here.

For the sake of neutrality and fairness. I will have to put my love for Google aside and discuss the reasons why many are taking the plunge with Bing. This is not all too surprising see that  Nielsen reports shows that it currently holds 10.7% of the search market (to Google’s 65%), but its month-over-month growth is 22%, which is not too shabby if I say so myself.

Microsoft has been dedicating a lot of money to Bing’s advertising and its features, according to Jennifer Van Grove they have paid off in the following ways. Below are her top 5 reason to say Sayonara to Google and pick up Bing:

1. Travel Insights: Bing’s Travel offering is a great fit for two reasons: farecast technology and airfare deals. The farecast technology works to help identify trends in flight prices. Bing also offers top cheat flight deals, record low airline tickets, last minute deals, and weekend or family appropriate options. This is perfect for those “I really need a vacation” moments.

2. Putting Cash Back Into Your Wallet: The Bing Cashback program (formerly Live Search Cashback) has been a rewarding venture for both Microsoft and searchers who benefit from bonus dollars. This program relies on the basic premise  that if you start your product/service quest on Bing, you can benefit when you go on to purchase–some give up tp 30% of the purchase price back which can help towards a new pair of your favorite jeans or those boots you just have to have!

3. Visual Search: this US-only option is one that definately sets Bing apart. The alternative user interface to search lets you conduct your search with not from text, but start with one of their pre-fabricated image galleries. This works well for those “I swear I know that guy from somewhere” kinda moments.

4. BingTweets: This is not just trend topics people! The dual search product combines the power of real-time Twitter search with Bing search results to give you a better perspective as you search. Of course, searches don’t have to be limited to trending topics so search like business as usual!

5. Enhanced Search: Bing’s search result pages have some added features. Two features that improve the search experience are the inline enhanced view options and preview windows for results.

The preview helps a searcher filter out the irrelevant noise quickly. Each search there is a small orange dot next to an individual result. When you mouse over it to view a “More on this page” preview of content, which saves you time not looking at the worng pages.

Another great feature is the “Enchanced view” option. It can be found underneath Wikipedia results and you can click it to view Wikipedia content without leaving Bing!

So there you have it some intriguing reasons to give Google the boot. I love these features, but sorry to say I am not sold yet. However, I can always applaude great innovation and search friendly options any day.

So always keep an open mind socialmedialites!