Bored? Goby Search….


Scoops Here.

Bored today? Inspired to learn about something new? Your prayers have been answered with Goby. Not just known for having the cutest dag gone fish out there, it is highlighted in Mashable’s Spark of Genius series, which highlights unique startups.

So here is the skinny on Goby…it is a search engine focused on exploring new things to do with your free time, from taking a unique vacation to a great idea for something to do on the weekend.

Goby is a highly intuitive way to find activities within your city or where you plan on going. Just select the type of activity you are interested in, enter in your city, and select a timeframe and Goby comes back with your options.

Not only is it easy to use, Goby is pretty comprehensive in which it searches multiple event databases (including Eventful and Yahoo!’s Upcoming) so you get plenty of results to fill your taste for adventure.

For things like music or performing arts, you can choose sub-categories, like music genre or dance. You can also define the radius of your results by entering in a custom address or zip code. Goby also searches things like hotels, hostels, and vacation homes, which make it a nice option for either the would-be-traveler on a budget or anyone looking to spend time in a particular location. 

 So go on and visit Goby!