Losing… : < (

There is nothing we hate worse than losing. (Ok, maybe not getting the opportunity to fairly compete when you are well suited to do so.) Reason being we only compete when we have at least a 70% chance of winning.

We understand losing is a part of life and especially in our industry, but why give in to it. Accepting defeat shows a lack of urgency and drive. Its ok, we will get the next one. Despising it shows grit, determination and a we’re good even though you might not think so attitude. Your loss not ours.

So what does this have to do with Social Communications? A Social Communications Platform that is well thought out and executed can significantly help stave off the no thank you. It will allow you to frame a conversation that will highlight your strengths and minimize your weakness. It will place you in a position of being a thought leader not a thought follower. More importantly it gives you the tools to gage how competitive you actually are.

Turn your hate into love. Love of Social Communications.