Social Media–Phase II???


ADAM here:

On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to speak about the importance of Social Media and Web Presence at the South Shore Chamber of Commerce Expo with Lisa Morrissey.

We shook things up a bit — instead of sharing my usual pearls of wisdom for an hour, we broke into a Town Hall format. We wanted to create an interactive discussion and field questions on social networking, blogging and anything else that came to mind. Having a few of these events under my belt, I was prepared for the usual questions:

∙ How much time does it take? A: Depends what your purpose is.

∙ Where do you get ideas? A: Everywhere.

∙ How do you start? A: Just jump right in.

∙ Is physical networking dead? A: No, we’re all here aren’t we??

Those are just a few of the FAQs, and I apologize for the short answers (come to an event for the longer version or shoot me an email), and we received a few of those, but not many. I discovered that this audience was ready for Phase II… the Phase I of tips and encouragement may be coming to an end. Social media is no longer the next thing for a business, it IS the thing and this audience had already embraced it.

To my surprise, the most popular questions were about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Blogs. I welcome Phase II!

Does this mean more people/companies are adopting and incorporating Social Media into their businesses? Also, what questions do you have about Social Media? Are we entering Phase II and no longer need advice on entering the web world? Am I sooo 2000 and late? I think I have to update my event talking-points to Phase II standards!