Organizing via Twitter Lists


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Twitter Lists are novel concept to most socialmedialites out there, however many organizations can use this tool to help simplify its collective voice as well as provide a slew of other benefits.  In essence, Twitter Lists is now what we would call groups so you can assemble the types of people you are following as well as get the opportunity to follow new people.

Below are some great ideas in which Twitter Lists can streamline and organize your organization’s Twitter presence.

Staff Directories

Within Twitter Lists, you can compile those within your organization so you can not only manage what is going on but also track the overall tone of those you are working with. This is also a great function fo which you can bounce ideas and policies.

Maintaining Thought Leadership and Staying Informed

Organizations can create lists with their most referenced news outlets, publications, news stations or possibly their favorite bloggers. This is a great way to keep up on current industry news, ideas and trends.

Information Flow

Monitoring the flow of information and ideas can be easily regulated with within your groups. All Twitter lists can be made public so that it can be seen by anyone, for example this is great for creating lists of recommended followers. Controls can also be set to private so that only the creator of private lists will be able to see or subscribe to them, not even those on the list can see private lists. This would be a great feature for counter intelligence for competition.

Building Your Follow Base

Twitter lists are a great way to find large and more targeted lists of people. There are also directories for these lists as well. Below are some ways to find lists:

People You Follow – When you visit the profile page of anyone on Twitter, you’ll be able to see any of the public lists they have created, or any of the lists they follow. (NOTE: you may have to click “View all” to see every list if the person has created or is following a large number of lists.) You can also see any of the lists that person appears on. If you have a particular target in mind, you can follow their lists.

Listorious – Listorious is a third-party site that maintains a categorized directory of Twitter lists. You can search or browse through lists by category, and find the most popular lists.

TweetMeme Lists –TweetMeme exposes the most tweeted links on Twitter. Just like it does for links, TweetMeme also finds the most tweeted about Twitter Lists.

For more how-tos with Twitter lists, check this out.