My Sunday Morning and the Boston Globe

Adam Here:

On Sunday morning I woke up before the kids, grabbed my cup of coffee, sat at the kitchen table and read the Boston Globe section by section, folding and flipping while the tips of my fingers slowly turned gray… Wait wait wait, that isn’t exactly how it went. With mug in hand, I booted up my laptop, went to my favorites and clicked on

Question # 1: How many other people do this?

 I frequent the site and noticed that has both a Facebook page and Twitter account. As of Monday, they had 8,000+ fans and 10,835 Twitter followers. As everyone has seen lately, newspaper circulation has been dropping — to borrow from the eloquent Snoop Dog — “like it’s hot” and the Boston Globe is no exception and yes I read that online. See a related post I wrote about possibly charging to read news.

Question #2: If you are a Facebook Fan of and they start charging you to read or become a subscriber, will you still be a Fan?

For now, I’ll enjoy my coffee, Boston Globe and become your FB Fan. But it might be short lived!