Are you on that phone, again?

Those of you who regularly read my posts (are there any of you?) would know that I am an NPR junkie. This morning I heard a great piece on the prevalence of young blacks and latinos using mobile devices. When I went online to hear it again (I said junkie), I happened upon this great chart too!

Chart: Mobile phone usage by ethnicity (English-speaking Hispanic, White, Black)

In case you are lazy, the piece definesfour major reasons for this statistical fact.

1. 24/7 accessibility for teens

2. It’s cheaper than buying a computer and internet access

3. Better than long-distance, it keeps you connected to family outside the US

4. Convenience – You can bring it anywhere. As one young interviewee describes: you’re not always going to be able to take your laptop everywhere you go.

Something to consider next time someone asks you – “So, what do you think of mobile advertising?”