“I don’t get Twitter”

written by Adam Cupples (@ACupples)

If you guys haven’t noticed, I’m a Twitter fan.  It’s been useful for me personally and professionally.  I think it’s entertaining and helpful.  I’ve been known to jump to its defense when I hear the commonly uttered phrase, “I don’t get Twitter.”

My common defenses:  you can meet new people and network; start some great conversations that wouldn’t otherwise be started; you can find great content you normally wouldn’t see. Oh, and maybe Ashton Kutcher will tweet you, or you can follow Lindsay Lohan’s drama… Yippeeee!

When I saw this article, “Candidates’ kids help out on Twitter”  I finally uttered those words, “I DON’T GET TWITTER.”

We all know that cute kids are a part of many effective marketing campaigns. Whether it’s the E-Trade babies or the local Sullivan Tire grandkids halking tires during the Red Sox games: it works.  Is there a difference between using children to sell goods and using children to sell your political image and help your campaign? The part that really stuck out to me was: Nicole Cahill, daughter of state Treasurer Tim Cahill said, “If we see something out there we’ll spin it. We’ll tell people the truth.”

Whether right, left, red state, blue state, or disillusioned, I feel like this is a slippery tweeting slope.  Will this spawn a new profession  of Tweetwriters/screeners?  Are we supposed to believe that politicians, who carefully maintain their image, will let their children just say what they want about their campaign?  I’m sorry, I don’t buy it and I normally “get Twitter”.