Fun with Facebook Applications Settings

by Pam Maloney @PMaloney

Have you been to your Facebook application settings page? If you haven’t been, I think it’s time.

For frequent Facebook users what you find may surprise you. Your Facebook application settings page will show you a list of applications that have access to your information. I was shocked at the size of this list.

Which Golden Girls Character am I?

Which Golden Girls Character am I?

Facebook users as a whole go through phases of what is cool and fun or interesting in the way of applications – – And if you are like me – you see something trending and feel the need to try it out – you remember Living Social lists, Lil Green Patch, Farkle, Word Challenge, PathWords, Send Beer, or maybe you still Farmville, Mafia Wars, Cafe World, Daily Horoscope … . Or maybe you have friends that send you lots of intriguing quizzes – Which Golden Girls Character are you? Which Adam Sandler movie best represents your life? What Bon Jovi Sound Are you? What is your Leprechaun name? All of these things could have access to your information.

Have some time to kill? Go to your Facebook Application Settings and have a looksy…