Quit Facebook Day Fails

Not only was yesterday, May 31, 2010, Memorial Day here in America, it was also Quit Facebook Day worldwide. Prompted by the recent publicity surrounding Facebook’s blatant disregard for it’s user’s privacy, preferences, feelings, etc., a group encouraging a mass exodus from the beloved social networking site was born. As reported by QuitFacebookDay.com, 35,056 Facebook users committed to quitting cold-turkey on May 31. At first glance, this figure may appear significant, yet after comparing it to the 150,000 new users that join Facebook daily, one realizes that the enlisted participants hardly register on the membership scale. According to PCWorld.com, even if the 35,000+ committed quitters actually went through with their pledge, Facebook membership would only drop by 0.005%. While the movement’s commendable efforts and dedication to the preservation of our waning privacy must be applauded, ultimately, Quit Facebook Day turned out to be more symbolic than successful.