A-Twitter “Thank you very much”

written by Adam Cupples (@ACupples)

I’m sure my most astute and loyal readers (or just my mom) will remember my last Twitter post, and yeah, I was a little harsh and down on the tweeting trend. Today, I’m changing my tweeting tune and I want to finally give a shout out to Twitter and say “Thank you, thank you very much” while doing my best Elvis Presley impersonation, swivelling hips and all.

Try all you want, but you can’t make EVERY conference or event. Whether it be a scheduling conflict, location, money…..you get the point. But as you know, conference organizers/twitter users can generate a hashtag for their event and create groupings on Twitter (example: great idea by @ACupples to make tuna sandwiches in the park on a 99 degree summer day at #hottunaconf) so if you can’t make it, follow on Twitter and it’s like you’re there anyway!

I know what you’re thinking: it’s not the same thing as being there. No, it’s not, but it’s close enough and better than nothing. You can get the highlights of the conference at your desk or on your phone and feel like you’re (kinda) in the audience.

Sometimes missing things (like the tuna conference) and getting highlights is really enough!