Facebook Credits Gift Cards

According to an article on USAtoday.com, Facebook is coming to a Target store near you!

Starting on Sunday, Facebook Credits gift cards will be available in values of $15, $25 and $50 at all Target stores and at their website, Target.com. Rumor has it that two or three other major retailers will soon carry the gift cards as well.

The “social-network giant” will take its first step into the retail space. It anticipates a large portion of its 500 million members will purchase the cards and use them on their favorite social games, applications and virtual goods.

According to Facebook,  more than 200 million users play free social games on Facebook each month.  And many of them are beginning to spend money on premium goods and services associated with those games.

Will Facebook’s venture into the growing prepaid gift card market prove to be profitable? What do you think?