Twitter is Growing!

Twitter CEO Evan Williams, recently revealed that the company now has more than 145 million registered users. According to a recent post on, “this increasing growth proves that Twitter is adding nearly 300,000 new users per day.”

Twitter’s recent growth is mainly the result of mobile usage.  The official Twitter mobile apps have significantly helped the company on this front. According to a recent Twitter blog post, “16 percent of all new users to Twitter start on mobile now, as opposed to the 5 percent before we launched our first Twitter-branded mobile client.”

The following chart, provided on the Twitter Blog, shows the top ten applications people have used to access Twitter in the last 30 days.

This data shows that smart phone clients are important to the growth however there are even more people who use the mobile Twitter web site and/or SMS. These new services offer users the convenience of accessing their Twitter accounts from just about anywhere. Which do you use?