Building A Quality E-mail List

This is the first of four entries in our e-mail marketing blog series.

Without a quality recipient list, an effective e-mail campaign is difficult, if not impossible, to execute. For every additional year, a company loses 25 percent of its e-mail subscribers. To avoid such unpleasant turnovers in your e-mail list, here are the dos and don’ts on building a reliable e-mail list.

Junk mail

Buy e-mail subscribers through third-party lists.

Unlike opt-in recipients, third-party lists did not voluntarily sign up to receive your e-mails. Thus, they are more likely to unsubscribe from your list, blacklist your company mails for spam, and avoid clicking your e-mail links.

Tailor your e-mail to specific audiences based on subscriber behavior and interests.

E-mails often get marked as spam because the user finds them irrelevant. Customized e-mail messages solve this problem by delivering messages that the recipient cares about.

Place your subscribe box in an elusive location.

Your blog and website are a great way to attract subscribers and you cannot afford to put off your clientele with a poorly designed website layout. Be sure they know where they can subscribe if they want to.

Survey your recipients regarding how often e-mails should be sent.

Sending too many e-mails is simply asking to be unsubscribed. Conducting surveys and testing the e-mail frequencies can greatly reduce your turnover rate.

E-mail campaigns can be a double edged sword. Sending subscription company e-mails the right way can result in a loyal fan base and a reputable brand image. On the flip side, an easily bought “quantity over quality” e-mail campaign can alienate and create a negative brand stigma amongst your target audience. When it comes to managing your company, it is imperative to think before pressing send.