Netflix Viral Marketing Campaign


            If you are a Netflix member/ user, you probably already have heard about the new season of Arrested Development that just came out this past Sunday. There have been several areas where Netflix has been advertising its release. Personally, I have Netflix on my Xbox, and the first thing I would see for a couple of days on the Xbox Live home screen was a big ad for Arrested Development. Smart move on the part of Netflix to try to get maximum exposure from Xbox Live users. This was a smart way to get to Netflix users as you can access Netflix right

from your Xbox, but there were a couple other very interesting ways that Netflix pushed

Arrested Development.

            One way Netflix has pushed Arrested Development is by bringing it to the streets of New York. Straight from the show, they set up the Bluth’s Original Banana Stand in various spots in New York City selling frozen bananas for about a week. On the banana stand’s final day, fans were told to show up as “nevernudes” by wearing jorts, which is a staple from the show. This interactive strategy brought people to the streets of New York to gain an interest and familiarity with the show. For current fans of the show, it was a great way to interact with something from the show. It was also a great way to create new fans for the show. Netflix sent emails to many members of the media to promote the show by having the email come from one of its characters Dr. Tobias Funke. The email explains that there is a website where you can post his face anywhere in your YouTube videos. He went as far as to make a YouTube video as well. The ability to place Tobias’s head in any of your videos is a new, funny way to interact with Arrested Development.

            Netflix did a pretty decent job with their viral marketing campaign raising awareness for the release of the new season of Arrested Development. But will this lead to more viewers watching the show? Will it increase the amount of members Netflix has? Do you think you are more likely to watch Arrested Development on Netflix, or get a Netflix account after seeing these new and fun advertising pushes? Tell me what you think.