Inbound Marketing

What is Inbound Marketing?

Using inbound marketing channels like e-marketing, social media, blogging and Search Engine Optimization, Strategis pulls customers in your direction without interrupting their search. We have adopted inbound marketing as a personal philosophy founded in the notion that consumers are driving the conversation. By measuring engagement, minimizing interruption and integrating experiences, smart digital marketing provides specific audiences with the information and solutions to the questions that they are searching for online.

Although slightly different from our traditional roots, inbound marketing is natural for us: our clients and their businesses have always been central to everything we do. We strive to implement marketing campaigns that are transparent, measurable and personalized. Using a host of digital channels, we identify who your audiences are and work on honing that relationship so you can service them better. Through data collection and analysis, we aim to leverage cost-effectiveness with a solid buyer persona to discover what precisely is making consumers click.

With a dynamic and quantitative inbound marketing plan, visitors will become leads, leads will become customers, customers become promoters, and audiences will come to you.


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