PLA Case Study

Phalen Leadership Academy

Phalen Leadership Academies were founded by education reformer Earl Martin Phalen and approved by the Indiana Charter School board in the spring of 2012. Since then, Phalen Leadership Academies have planned to open 10 academies throughout Indiana serving grades K-2 and eventually grades K-8. The mission of Phalen Leadership Academies is to ensure that each of their scholars meets high academic and social standards while thriving at home, in the community and out in the world.

We held several meetings with the founders of the Phalen Leadership Academies to identify their core missions, their target market, and their goals for the growth of these academies. The Phalen Leadership Academies were opening the doors to their first academy on August 15, 2013, so we identified the main goal as creating a comprehensive marketing plan to get 400 scholars to enroll in the first Phalen Academy by July of 2013.

It All Starts With Branding
The Phalen Leadership Academies are in the beginning stages of business, therefore, the branding had to make its mark to gain as much awareness as possible. We created the Phalen Leadership Academies logo based off of discussions with the Phalen founders and its prestigious mission. The Phalen Leadership Academies are branded as high quality institutions that provide children with valuable life knowledge. The main goal was to enroll children to advance their skill sets.

Simple and User Friendly Website Design

After discussing with the founders of Phalen Leadership Academies, we decided on a simple website layout that is easy to navigate. The website graphics represent young Phalen Leadership Academy scholars to appeal to the parents that are visiting the site in hopes to make their child a Phalen scholar. The main mission of enrolling scholars in the Phalen Leadership Academies is clear when visiting the website.

Traditional Marketing

In order to reach our goal of enrolling 400 scholars into the first Phalen Leadership Academy, we created advertisements for a number of traditional marketing channels. We created radio spot copy, flyers, and brochures to promote the Phalen Leadership Academies in the Indianapolis area. The image and content of these traditional marketing materials were consistent across all mediums to deliver the message that young scholars would thrive at Phalen Leadership Academy.

Digital / Social Media Marketing

In addition to the website and traditional marketing materials, we also promoted Phalen Leadership Academies through email blasts, online advertisements and social media. We managed Phalen Leadership Academies’ social media accounts with the objective of attracting parents in the Indianapolis area who would be interested in enrolling their child. We created compelling social media content illustrating children participating in activities as well as information about the ribbon cutting ceremony and updates on the building renovation process. These social media posts created a lot of hype for the opening of the academy.

These social media posts created a lot of hype for the opening of the academy.

The Results Are In.

The Phalen Leadership Academies held their ribbon cutting ceremony for the first academy on August 19th, 2013. The goal of enrolling 400 scholars by the date of the ribbon cutting ceremony was met, and we are still working on attracting more scholars to enroll.