Search Engine Marketing

Our Search Engine Marketing process includes:

  1. Account Set-Up: Set up the relevant SEM accounts with Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  2. Budget: Based on the overall budget determine an appropriate media plan including geo-targeting, daily budgets, evaluate/manage day part advertising, etc. Ensure budgets are hit yet not exceeded on a regular basis.
  3. Tracking: Determine the actions that will be used to identify multiple goals. If applicable link the SEM campaign with an analytics account to set up additional tracking features such as on-click tracking etc.
  4. Keyword Research: Research keywords including topical relevance, search frequency (estimated visits per month and if applicable seasonal trends), and bid prices.
  5. Ad Group Organization: Organize the keywords into ad groups, and campaigns as necessary.
  6. Ad Copy Development: Develop compelling action orientated ad copy for each ad group. Create multiple ads per group to rotate and test for highest response.
  7. Landing Page Consultation: Provide recommendations for improving landing pages.
  8. Bid Management: Set and monitor bidding rules, manage and modify bids.
  9. Ad Targeting: Adjust and test different targeting options such as geo-targeting, device targeting, dayparting, content targeting, etc.
  10. ROI Analysis: Identify which keywords, ad copy, landing pages and engines are performing best.
  11. Reporting: Weekly summary reports.