Tag: Facebook

  • 20 Feb

    Facebook for Charity

    Here’s a timely article. Using Facebook to promote social responsibility, some youngsters create facebook cause to benefit the family who’s house was destroyed in the crash of Continental Airline’s flight 3407 earlier this month. We surely understand the impact social media and social networking can have on philanthropic causes – as we begin planning stages for […]
  • 04 Feb

    Blogging has a bright future with Facebook

    Does what you say matter? Apparently it does on Facebook. NetworkedBlogs, an app only launched last year to the Facebook platform, is now adding 500 new blogs a day. Half MyBlogLog, half RSS reader, the application lets users add their blog, favorite the blogs of their friends, and click though the latest headlines. Most importantly, […]
  • 30 Jan

    Where are the jobs at?

    OH NO! Another one bites the dust. NY Times reports that Reader’s Digest Association is now laying off nearly 300 people. This is a national example of what we are seeing locally. Two weeks ago, The Boston Globe announced a layoff, this following the Boston Herald who had a round of job cuts last June. […]