Tag: Kyle Goggans

  • 21 Jul

    Banner to accept city’s loan offer

    The Bay State Banner, Boston’s only black-owned newspaper, plans to accept a $200,000 loan from the city to stay afloat, despite criticism that the money could compromise its impartiality during an election year. The newspaper, which has a weekly circulation of 30,000 copies and has struggled with slumping advertising revenue, said last week that its […]
  • 21 Jul

    Watching Your Every Tweet!

    Many people wonder who is interested in reading tweets about what people had for breakfast. Well, here’s one answer: cereal makers like Kellogg’s and Quaker Oats. Advertisers are starting to target ads to you based on what you say on Twitter. And if you tweet something nice about a product, you might even see your […]
  • 16 Jul

    TripAdvisor banishes fake reviews

    The influential travel Web site TripAdvisor has been quietly posting disclaimers to warn customers of hotels writing fake reviews to improve their popularity rankings or hurt competitors. The red disclaimers near the names of hotels show that TripAdvisor has a problem with fake reviews, travel bloggers and industry experts say. One blogger, Jeff Tucker, warned […]
  • 15 Jul

    Social Networking = Cohesion or Division?

    Is the social media revolution bringing us together? Or is it perpetuating divisions by race and class? An important question asked by New York Times’ Riva Richmond. I know, your all probably thinking, “what do you mean division, social media is all about bringing people together.” Your right, most social media is, well, just that. […]
  • 14 Jul

    Trusting the brand to the lowly ‘twintern’

    Many corporate higher-ups are demonstrating a genuine concern for the level of discretionary decision making invested in todays corporate “twinterns” (Twitter/social media interns). The thing is, many companies such as Pizza Hut are now choosing to hire paid interns to focus on their social media endeavors. Great idea, in theory. One of the most common […]