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  • 13 May

    Who thinks Adam Cupples ROCKS!!??

    Who thinks Adam Cupples ROCKS!!?? Great presentation at SSYP! –  Craig Guido Owner, Almar Building & Remodeling No. I’m not trying to toot my own horn. OK, maybe I am. I was really excited to see this posted on the Shore Young Professionals Group’s LinkedIn discussion board. Excited because how many times do you see “[Insert […]
  • 22 Apr

    Changes to LinkedIn cause some controversy.

    Ah, the uproar of social media – even the slightest change to a network will cause huge commotion! We all remember Facebook’s attempt to change its privacy rules. Facebook users came back with a gabillion (is that a word?) negative responses to this change. Today’s victim? LinkedIn. They actually went a step further than Facebook […]