Tag: Pam Maloney

  • 05 Jun

    Bing: You better be really, really awesome.

    So Microsoft is Launching “Bing”, a search engine competitor to google and if Microsoft wants to win us over here is a top 5 list of what “Bing” should do...
  • 02 Jun

    Technology, social media give the book club a cool new update

    When I say “book club”, what do you envision? Ladies sipping tea and discussing Jane Austen books in the sitting room? Coffee houses and books with little Oprah approved symbols on it? iPhones and Facebook? Wait, what? BBC Audiobooks America is launching a book club, but not just any book club, an Audiobook Club. Catering […]
  • 27 May


    I went to Boston.com a minute ago to see this: The biggest article on the home page of the newspaper’s website is about Facebook Icons? BFD! Is there nothing else going on it the world today? What icon should the social networking giant use to indicate that the user has gone through a divorce? Is […]
  • 14 May

    Tweets in Space

    It’s official. The first Tweet from space has been sent, thanks to astronaut Mike Massimino. Twittering in space? What could top that? Probably nothing, but here’s my top five wish list: 1. Mandated twittering from prison – Do you wanna know what Phil Spector had for lunch?  How about Manson’s daily work-out routine?  Now you […]
  • 06 May

    How do you get your news fix?

    I’ll admit it – I’m addicted to the news. No, not Huey Lewis’ talented back up band –  but the current events type. Everymorning I am entranced by Steve Inskeep and Renee Montange of NPR’s Morning Edition. Then I get to my desk and I open NPR.org, MSNBC.com, Boston.com and my iGoogle home page where I […]