Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Why Should You Implement an SEO Strategy?

Because Visibility and Accessibility Matter!

  • The top three results get the most attention. Page rank almost always equates to page views.
  • Keyword strategies allow you to better understand what your audience is searching.
  • Search engines are the most popular method of inquiry. Google accounts for up to two-thirds of all search traffic.
  • A properly executed SEO strategy can help you save on your marketing expenditure in the long run.
  • A poorly executed SEO plan can be seen as “link manipulation” and penalize your search ranking.

How does this differ from PPC?

  • Unlike PPC, a strong SEO strategy can help you draw more long term visits to your site.
  • Search ranking isn’t paid for; instead it is built through careful link management and strong content.
  • While SEO leads are not as warm as PPC Leads, they are more plentiful and earlier in the customer acquisition cycle.

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