We are bringing traditional branding and digital marketing together. By integrating disciplines, we harness the power of creativity, technology, social media, research, and strategic thinking to help clients achieve and succeed. Our team is experienced and outcome-driven.

Strategis is a full-service shop offering a complete range of capabilities. We’ve done it all—broadcast, interactive, direct, print—and we’re always looking for new ways to cut through. Give us a try and take a look; we think you’ll like what you see.


For us, it’s not about traditional advertising or digital marketing—it’s about finding the solutions that provide results.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound is about attracting potential customers through compelling and targeted content. Through research and analytics, we help our clients identify their ideal customers, then craft messaging and programs that speak to their specific needs. Our inbound programs go beyond simply generating leads. They focus on converting leads and turning them into customers.

Social Appointment Setting

In today’s age, impersonal, call-based lead generation just isn’t enough. With the most relevant and up to date social data, Social Appointment Setting allows us to generate warm leads for our clients via LinkedIn and other social platforms. By starting relevant conversations with key decision makers within companies, we are able to increase your bottom line and deliver a high ROI.

Lead Generation

If the leads you’re getting aren’t actually qualified and don’t help your bottom line, do they really count? Strategis can help your business grow by delivering qualified leads that meet your sales criteria. We will sit down with your marketing and sales team to identify the qualification criteria and deliver leads via inbound and outbound strategies.

Traditional & Digital Strategy

Strategy is essential to everything we do. And every strategy we develop is based on analytics and best practices, with a little bit of gut instinct mixed in. From traditional programs to complete integrated campaigns we develop personalized strategies that fit the unique needs of our clients.

IP Targeting

IP Targeting allows you to make the most of your advertising budget. How, you ask? IP Targeting delivers highly targeted ads to specific households or businesses based on their Internet Protocol (IP) address to increase conversions and produce ROI. Your ads reach the exact target household or business, allowing for absolutely no wasted impressions or budget. We can help you create, manage, analyze and optimize successful campaigns with our state of the art IP Targeting platform.


Your brand should be unified in both look and feel, that’s where design comes in. From traditional advertising to interactive optimized for mobile devices, we combine the art of design with the science of analytics. The result is marketing that cuts through, and reaches customers on an emotional level—making connections and building brands.

Mobile Application Development

In addition to our responsive development skills and experience our team has been involved with mobile and telecommunications technologies for years. This experience allows us to look past mobile trends and focus on delivering real value to our customers.


In today’s marketplace an online presence is essential. But just being online is not enough. Through strategic thinking and technical expertise, we create interactive programs that engage with customers. From optimized websites and mobile solutions to social media integration and content management, we develop fresh, creative online experiences that succeed.


We collaborate. We listen. We brainstorm and shout out loud. That’s how our team gets things done. And that’s what our clients get: a dedicated group of professionals, working together to solve problems, build brands, develop solutions—and have some fun. Get to know our team.

George Irish


In 2000, George started Strategis as a full service agency developing clients branding, marketing, advertising, public relations, and social communications.

As CEO/Owner of Strategis, George has worked with some of New England’s most prominent colleges and hospitals, large and small retailers, non-profits, and IT firms. One of the fastest growing marketing and advertising agencies in the Boston area.

Dolores Gonsalves


``The Magic Is In The Idea`` Dolores Gonsalves-Irish, 1999

With over 25 years of experience in Business, Marketing and Advertising, Dolores Gonsalves-Irish brings a wealth of expertise and understanding to clients. She has an uncanny combination of diverse skills, rooted in banking, finance, and creativity. Her high touch, pragmatic approach has garnered remarkable success and improved the bottom line for many clients. Never one to underestimate the importance of ``listening,`` she fully comprehends and find strategic solutions to spur growth on and eliminate pain points.


Always a woman with an eye to the future, from the outset at Strategis and as far back as 1999, Dolores Gonsalves-Irish began implemented digital marketing strategies on the internet. This was at a time long before many marketing firms even knew what digital marketing was. Believing that an integrated approach is optimum with today's multitude of media options, she continues to hone her skills. She has a comprehensive mastery and understanding of search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, paid online advertising (PPC), public relations (PR), social media marketing, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, viral marketing, IP marketing as well as optimal website design and development. Whether it be Google Adwords, Facebook advertising or Programmatic advertising in addition to a mix of traditional advertising, Dolores always finds the optimal combination that exceeds the client's objectives.

Chris Harrington

Chief Technology Officer

Chris is a multiple award-winning Website Developer with 15 years worth of wide ranging and proven expertise. Known for his dedication and exceeding client expectations, Chris has built customized websites, content management systems, and has extensive experience in website functionality upgrades.

Lindsay Borgen

Account Manager

Lindsay joined our team after graduating from Penn State University. Her career passions include social media marketing and strategic advertising. She is excited to bring a fresh, recent-graduate perspective to the company.

Hailey Meiggs

Graphic Designer

Hailey started her graphic design career as early as high school where she studied the fundamentals of design. She carried her interest in graphic design and fine arts at Montserrat College of Art and finished her Bachelor's Degree at UMASS Dartmouth. She strives to create inspiring, clean and sleek work as well as learning everything there needs to be known in the design world. Whether it be digital work, traditional print, website design, animation or photography, she aims to learn and master it all.

Frank Colagiovanni


Frank brings over 20 years of copywriting and branding experience to Strategis, helping clients find a voice, cut through the clutter, and make some noise. He has developed marketing programs across a broad spectrum of industries including finance, high-tech, consumer, medical, business-to-business, and education. Frank's work has earned awards and recognition for creativity - and is backed by proven results.

Philip Toussaint

Digital Marketing Consultant

Philip is currently an undergraduate at Stonehill College pursuing two Bachelors' Degrees in Business Management and Environmental Studies. As a consultant for Strategis, he overlooks client relationships, adheres to clients’ needs, and provides marketing consultation. He is motivated to learn and grow with this position and put forth unique work.


If you’re ready to talk, we’re ready to listen.

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