Tag: Haris Zorlak

  • 30 Apr

    Is Flash No Longer Necessary?

    This week Steve Jobs of Apple published long open letter on Flash in which he goes over all the reasons why Apple does not support flash. This letter goes through 6 reasons why they have decided not to use flash. Here is a short list of what was said. Adobe’s Flash products are 100% proprietary. […]
  • 23 Apr

    Someone’s Brilliant Idea!

    If you haven’t heard there are some brilliant people out there. Blippy users’ credit card numbers were exposed and all over Google. If you might not believe me but here it is. Who in a right state of mind sits behind a computer and says to him self “I believe I will give you my […]
  • 09 Apr

    Dreams do come true!

    How often is there a product that with every version comes a great deal of excitiement. There are few but one that comes to mind is Adobes CS5. With every version comes something new that just blows your mind away. I am curious what they have in store for us deisgners this time around. Some […]
  • 26 Mar

    Designers Dream Machine

    [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccRqsCsUxF0] We all know that Apple computers cannot be compared to as a graphic design tool. One thing that Apple has not done yet is dual screens on a laptop, but Lenovo did. They have introduced Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds. It may not have the sleek and elegant look of an Apple or HP but its […]
  • 17 Dec

    The age of HD video is here.

    Just like the next guy I am infatuated with new technologies. The new fad of the portable HD camera like Kodak Zi8 or a FlipCam is just unbelievable. Video cameras are no longer used just for documenting family events anymore. If you go to YouTube these days, you will find a ton of these videos. […]