Tag: Haris Zorlak

  • 17 Dec

    The Year SEO Lost Importance…

    Scoops Here. My colleague stumbled upon this post that I thought would be worthy of breaking news in Scoops world, even when taken with a grain of salt. Robert Scoble posted yesterday about shift away from SEO in regards to small business marketing. His reason–Because Google and Bing keep changing the rules so frequently, that they […]
  • 11 Sep

    NFL Blacked Out – What?

    Why do all the suits and ties behind NFL always try to find a way to make a buck and ruin the game for the rest of us. I am not sure if you have heard the latest but here it is. “…if a home game has not been sold out within 72 hours of its […]
  • 19 Jun

    How well do you know Google?

    Ever since its 1998 launch, Google has become something like an online library- A really cool library, that does not smell funny, and doesn’t make you get a membership card or pay late fees. Anything you need or want, Google has. It is so easy to use and find what you are looking for, no […]
  • 10 Jun

    NEW Facebook Usernames

    As of Saturday June 13 all Facebook users are going to faced with a choice, not a difficult one but a simple one. What will your new URL username be? Finally, Facebook decides to get rid of its randomly assigned number system for URLs. Facebook usernames will make it easier for people to find and […]
  • 05 May

    Facebook Classifieds?

    Have you ever walked in your house/apartment and said to your self “Hmmm, I wish I could sell that?” and not worry about if someone will rip you off. Pretty soon you will be able to post classifieds on Facebook. With this feature you can see who is buying your “stuff” without any fears. We […]