Tag: Kyle Goggans

  • 12 Aug

    Facebook – Short & Sweet

    So Facebook has ‘accidentally’ disclosed that it has plans for a new site, dubbed Facebook lite. Unlike the current Facebook site, Facebook lite offers users a simplified, no-frills Facebook experience – eerily similar to Twitter, Facebooks biggest competitor. But Facebook claims that its new chip-off-the-old-block is merely the manifestation of a solution to many worldwide […]
  • 07 Aug

    Teens Don’t Tweet

    This is a topic that has been in rotation for quite a while now. And you know what, I think it’s kinda true. I’ll be honest, I’m 19, an avid Facebook user, college student, middle-class background, and yet, Twitter doesn’t enthrall me – or even marginally retain my attention. And the thing is, I’m not […]
  • 07 Aug

    IE6 No More?

    The campaign asks sites to include code that detects IE6 visitors and encourages them to upgrade to Firefox, IE8, or Google Chrome. On Tuesday the movement composed of around a dozen sites, today that number exceeds 70 participants. The sites jumping on board are by no means insignificant: they include established internet startups, consulting firms […]
  • 06 Aug

    Google Buys Web Video Software Firm

    Google, on Wednesday, anounced that it has agreed to buy On2 Technologies, which sells video compression software, in a stock deal valued at about $106 million. The per-share price was 57 percent above On2’s closing stock price on Tuesday, and On2’s shares soared on the news. Similar to Google’s 2006 acquisition of YouTube at a […]
  • 05 Aug

    FledgeWing – the LinkedIn For College Students

    No ambitious young person wants to wait until graduation to start working on projects, developing ideas, and building teams. As a case in point, consider how many success stories from the dotcom and Web 2.0 eras have begun with brilliant twenty-somethings dropping out of college to pursue their passions. Speaking directly to this concern (or […]