Tag: Pam Maloney

  • 02 Dec

    FTC Imposes New Guidelines for Review-Bloggers

    The Federal Trade Commission has implemented new guidelines that require full disclosure from bloggers in regard to any product they review that was received for free. These guidelines are a web 2.0 enhancement of their 30 year old rules for the use of testimonials in advertising. The guidelines address an issue some folks have with the credibility of bloggers […]
  • 02 Dec

    Facebook updates privacy settings

    If you logged into your Facebook account today, you saw a letter from Mark Zuckerberg. Most of you probably clicked “close,” went on with your Farmville-ing and missed the 3 major announcements. So I will update you. 1. Facebook has surpassed 350 million users 2. Facebook with be doing away with regional networks because too […]
  • 01 Dec

    Are you on that phone, again?

    Those of you who regularly read my posts (are there any of you?) would know that I am an NPR junkie. This morning I heard a great piece on the prevalence of young blacks and latinos using mobile devices. When I went online to hear it again (I said junkie), I happened upon this great chart […]
  • 01 Dec

    Um, sir, you’ll have to pay for that.

    Last week brought the “announcements” that the Providence Journal thinking about possibly monetizing it’s content and that Twitter is probably going to offer a paid business account soonish that would offer analytics. A sign of the economic times or a factor of inevitability… In an interview Jonathan Fildes for BBC News, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone […]
  • 24 Nov

    Google Wave Invites

    I’ve got some Google Wave invites left – – is anyone interested?